Zillow Select Photographer


As a Zillow Select Photographer we can record and upload a video walkthrough within the Zillow app and publish it to any listing. It is quick and easy – and the impact is powerful. Listings with a Zllow video walkthrough get:

  • More than double the page views
  • Double the saves
  • More potential buyer contacts

All of that from a two-minute silent video showing how rooms come together to make a home. Add a completely new dimension to your listings – and your business.

Zillow Enhanced Video Walkthrough Upload

As a Zillow Select Photographer we can record and upload an Enhanced video walkthrough to publish to any listing. This is a more professional and luxurious video that receives the same exposure benefits while providing many more video options:

  • Allow up to 10 minutes
  • Sound is permitted
  • Branding is permitted in opening and closing 15 seconds of the video
  • Occasional mention of agent/broker in audio

Zillow Video Walkthrough Example

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Zillow Services Pricing

Zillow Enhanced

  • This is a more professional video that receives the same exposure benefits. Copy of video will be provide.


  • We provide a discount when you add a Zillow video walkthrough to an order. Video is stricly for Zillow only. A copy will not be provided.


  • If you have not ordered a package with us and would like us to come to your property to film a Zillow video walkthrough the price is slightly higher.


$25Per upload
  • If filmed by someone else we will upload the Video Walkthrough or Zillow Video to Zillow for a small nominal fee.


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