The Differences between Flash and HDR Photos

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January 26, 2017

The Differences between Flash and HDR Photos

Room 4

A dining room with a holiday atmosphere.

Sometime as Real Estate Photographers we are posed with the question:”which technique will help sell a home quicker Flash or HDR?” My answer is Both! Check out the differences below!



Flash Photography

The above picture is a flash photography photo. As you can see the balances between the whites and blacks seem natural. This is how it appears naturally. Theres very little ‘yellow and blue’ white balance editing that is required.


HDR Photography

Compared to the flash photo, this HDR edited photo has a lot going on. You can see alot of the ambient light is dominating the photo. The blue reflection on the hardwood floors and also the yellow ambient light on the cieling that should appear white.

For more photos of both Flash Photography and HDR Photography check out our website:

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